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Full Professor
Director of the Center for Robotics
MINES ParisTech (Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines de Paris, ENSMP)
PSL Universite Paris

60, bd St-Michel, 75272 Paris Cedex 06, FRANCE 

Tel: (33) (from France, add a '0' before the '1')
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E-mail: Fabien.Moutarde@mines-paristech.fr

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- [since 2018] Participation to the creation of the new post-Master (Mastère Spécialisé, MS) AI-move, focused on AI techniques used for Human-Robots/Machines Interaction.

- [since 2007] Introduction to Machine-Learning, as an elective course proposed each autumn (a week in November) to 2nd (or 3rd) year students of MINES ParisTech.

- [since 2017] Co-responsible with Chloé Azencott of the "Large-Scale Machine-Learning" course, proposed as an elective course to 3rd (or 2nd) year students of MINES ParisTech.
NB: a pre-requisite for this course is to have already attended my Machine-Learning course, or an equivalent course.
Within this course, I teach a 3h lecture on Deep-Learning in 2 parts: "General Deep-Learning Principles and Convolutional Neural Networks" et "Unsupervised Generative Deep-Learning models".

- Course on "Deep-Learning and Machine-Learning" at ParisTech_Shanghai (SPEIT), proposed in 5th year (= 1st year of SJTU MSc).

- Course on "Visual perception for Intelligent Vehicles" at ParisTech_Shanghai (SPEIT), proposed in 6th year (= 2nf year of SJTU MSc).

     [pdf of my slides on "Visual detection and recognition of objects for Intelligent Vehicles"]
      [pdf of my slides on "Semantic segmentation of images for Intelligent Vehicles"]
      [pdf of my slides on "Visual ego-Localization for Intelligent Vehicles"]
      [pdf of my slides on "Visual ego-Localization by Deep-Learning and GIS for Intelligent Vehicles"]

Besides, I also ensure coordination of all MINES_ParisTech visiting professors teaching at SJTU/SPEIT (ParisTech_Shanghai), which is a French engineering school in China.

Former courses:

My current research domains

Pattern recognition and gesture recognition,
Computer vision,
Intelligent and Autonomous Vehicules,
Intelligent Transport Systems,
Road traffic analysis and forecasting.

- My publications (on HAL)

- My GoogleScholar profile (h-index=20 in August 2020)

- My previous Research domains:
    Image compression
    ... and also astrophysics, more precisely Cosmology (domain of my PhD thesis defended in 1992).

If you want to know more about my formation and experiences, here is my resume.

Please send comments to: Fabien.Moutarde@mines-paristech.fr